Slow Motion Chi Sao
22 October 2015

Instructor Jason during a regular chi sao practice session with student Jonathan. Chi Sao is a tool and exercise for developing technique, structure, speed, relaxation, reaction, and many other things. It allows us to apply Wing Chun correctly and effectively.

Lat Sao
22 October 2015

This clip features a common lat sao sparring session that we practice at our school; it was filmed towards the end of their 3-hr practice.

Dan Chi
22 October 2015

Dan Chi is an exercise in Wing Chun that is a big stepping stone to apply Wing Chun. Dan Chi allows you to practice sensitivity, structure, force application, as well as many aspects of Wing Chun. Understanding and practicing Dan Chi correctly is key to your development of Wing Chun.

Chi Sao Training
22 October 2015

This video demonstrates a typical training that includes Chi Sao, Dan Chi, and some Lat Sao (in the end).

WLWC Introduction
22 October 2015

An introduction/teaser video of Wing Chun Temple, Wong Long Wing Chun; featuring GM Wong Long and his students.


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